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LPP+ Residency

Since 2004, Little Paper Planes has connected artists and collectors, sharing the excitement of collecting artwork, prints, handmade objects and ephemera. In our ninth year, LPP expanded from an online only organization into a storefront on Valencia Street in San Francisco.  With this expansion we widened our programming to include a residency within the new physical location.


The LPP + Residency offers a diverse group of makers – artists, curators, collectives, photographers, writers, performers, participatory/social practice, musicians, craftspeople. – the opportunity to cultivate ideas and work in a month-long residency in San Francisco. Residents receive space to set up a workshop, studio, or office. Expanding on our commitment in helping artists, we felt it was important to offer free space to encourage our creative community to try out new projects or just have a place to work.   


From May 2013-November 2014, the residency was housed in the back of the shop which created an interesting dynamic between the residents and the public.  The residents used the opportunity to engage with the local community at large. In March 2015, LPP partnered up with Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative to host the LPP+ Residency.  Adobe has been an integral platform for artists since 1989 so it was an exciting partnership for us.  It was a special time while the residency was there which included performances, workshops, artist talks, exhibitions, and tea tastings! 


For 2016 the LPP+ Residency moved into its permanent home at the Minnesota Street Project studios which opened in June 2016. The residents have access to a kiln, a wood shop, digital media center, and of course all the stellar artists also in the studio building. Across the street there are galleries at Minnesota Street Projects as well so the residents get to be a part of this exciting art hub here in San Francisco! 


Little Paper Planes provides support to assist with screenings, readings, lectures and workshops during the course of the residency.  Open to individuals and groups, the resident(s) will give a talk or present public programming during their residency. Each residency culminates with a publication and/or print edition/ or another version of an edition published by LPP as an extension of the residency.  


For all the residency submissions:  We receive a large volume of applicants with only a few openings.  We had three past residents (Lisa Solomon, Christine Wong Yap, and Shushan Tesfuzigta for 2018),(Indira Martina Morre, Tom Comitta, and Madeline Gallucci for 2017), (Jenni Rope, Naomi Clark, and Dorothy Santos for 2016), (Stairwell's, Emily Tareila, and Brendan Mullins for 2015) choose their top five and Kelly chose from the fifteen. 


LPP+ Residency was a recipient of Round 7 for the Alternative Exposure Grant Program

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October 2018 Residency by <a href=''>Cathy Lu</a>

Cathy Lu October 2018 Residency

September 2018 Residency by <a href=''>Beth Krebs</a>

Beth Krebs September 2018 Residency


Christina Corfield August 2018 Residency


Leila Weefur July 2018 Residency

June 2018 Residency by <a href=''>Sair Goetz</a>

Sair Goetz June 2018 Residency


Summer Fucking Mason May 2018 Residency

April 2018 Residency by <a href=''>Lexa Walsh</a>

Lexa Walsh April 2018 Residency

Lisa Solomon and Lea Redmond Picnic Napkin

May 2017 Residency by <a href=''>Tomas Moniz</a>

Tomas Moniz May 2017 Residency

April 2017 LPP+ Residency by <a href=''>Mel Nguyen</a>

Mel Nguyen April 2017 LPP+ Residency

November 2017 Resident by <a href=''>Hillary Wiedemann </a>

Hillary Wiedemann November 2017 Resident

October 2017 Resident by <a href=''>Sylvia Arthur</a>

Sylvia Arthur October 2017 Resident

September 2017 Resident by <a href=''>Shushan Tesfuzigta</a>

Shushan Tesfuzigta September 2017 Resident

August 2017 Residents by <a href=''>Lisa Solomon and Lea Redmond</a>

Lisa Solomon and Lea Redmond August 2017 Residents

July 2017 Resident by <a href=''>Christine Wong Yap</a>

Christine Wong Yap July 2017 Resident

June 2017 Resident by <a href=''>Cole Lu</a>

Cole Lu June 2017 Resident

May 2017 Resident by <a href=''>Tomas Moniz</a>

Tomas Moniz May 2017 Resident

April 2017 Resident by <a href=''>Mel Nguyen</a>

Mel Nguyen April 2017 Resident

December 2016 Residency by <a href=''>Marshall Elliott</a>

Marshall Elliott December 2016 Residency

November 2016 Residency by <a href=''>Miriam Dym</a>

Miriam Dym November 2016 Residency

October 2016 Residency by <a href=''>Vivian Sming</a>

Vivian Sming October 2016 Residency

September 2016 Residency by <a href=''>Tom Comitta</a>

Tom Comitta September 2016 Residency

Little Paper Planes LPP+ Residency Publication: SLOPES by Madeline Galluchi

August 2016 Residency by <a href=''>Women Artists</a>

Women Artists August 2016 Residency

July 2016 Residency by <a href=''>Indira Martina Morre</a>

Indira Martina Morre July 2016 Residency

June 2016 Residency by <a href=''>Madeline Gallucci</a>

Madeline Gallucci June 2016 Residency


Jenni Rope LPP+ Residency September Artist Talk

December 2015 Residency by <a href=''>Emma Spertus </a>

Emma Spertus December 2015 Residency


Sarah Faith Gottesdiener LPP+ Residency August Artist Talk

November 2015 Residency by <a href=''>Lynnette Miranda</a>

Lynnette Miranda November 2015 Residency


Fort Makers LPP+ Residency July Artist Talk

October 2015 Residency by <a href=''>Bonanza</a>

Bonanza October 2015 Residency


Alison Pebworth LPP+ Residency June Artist Talk

September 2015 Residency by <a href=''>Jenni Rope</a>

Jenni Rope September 2015 Residency

August 2015 Residency by <a href=''>Sarah Faith Gottesdiener</a>

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener August 2015 Residency


Em Meine LPP+ Residency May Artist Talk

July 2015 Residency by <a href=''>Fort Makers</a>

Fort Makers July 2015 Residency

June 2015 Residency by <a href=''>Alison Pebworth</a>

Alison Pebworth June 2015 Residency

May 2015 Residency by <a href=''>Em Meine</a>

Em Meine May 2015 Residency


Dorothy Santos LPP+ Residency April Artist Talk

April 2015 Residency by <a href=''>Dorothy Santos</a>

Dorothy Santos April 2015 Residency


Julia Leonard LPP+ Residency March Artist Talk

March 2015 LPP+ Residency by <a href=''>Julia Leonard</a>

Julia Leonard March 2015 LPP+ Residency

October LPP+ Residency 2014 by <a href=''>Whyte</a>

Whyte October LPP+ Residency 2014

Apply for 2015! by <a href=''></a>

Apply for 2015!

September 2014 LPP+ Residency by by <a href=''>Helena Keeffe</a>

Helena Keeffe September 2014 LPP+ Residency by

August 2014 LPP+ Residency by <a href=''>Vacation Days</a>

Vacation Days August 2014 LPP+ Residency

June/July 2014 LPP+ Residency by <a href=''>Bean Gilsdorf</a>

Bean Gilsdorf June/July 2014 LPP+ Residency

May 2014 LPP+ Residency Events by <a href=''>Leah Rosenberg</a>

Leah Rosenberg May 2014 LPP+ Residency Events

April 2014 LPP+ Residency Events by <a href=''>Kayla Mattes</a>

Kayla Mattes April 2014 LPP+ Residency Events

March 2014 LPP+ Residency Events by <a href=''>Emily Tareila</a>

Emily Tareila March 2014 LPP+ Residency Events

February 2014 LPP+ Residency Events by <a href=''>AUT AUT</a>

AUT AUT February 2014 LPP+ Residency Events

February 2014 LPP+ Residency Events by <a href=''>AUT AUT</a>

AUT AUT February 2014 LPP+ Residency Events

January 2014 Residency Events by <a href=''>Land and Sea</a>

Land and Sea January 2014 Residency Events

January 2014 Residency Events by <a href=''>Land and Sea</a>

Land and Sea January 2014 Residency Events

November 2013 Residency Events by <a href=''>Colpa Press</a>

Colpa Press November 2013 Residency Events

October 2013 Residency Events by <a href=''>Kate Pruitt</a>

Kate Pruitt October 2013 Residency Events

October 2013 Residency Events by <a href=''>Kate Pruitt</a>

Kate Pruitt October 2013 Residency Events